There are few things more concerning and discomforting than dealing with harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Whether the harassment you face is sexual in nature or verbal, you deserve to be treated with respect anywhere you go but especially at your place of work. Likewise, facing discrimination because of your race, social status, or any other reason can be taxing on a daily basis.

The financial and emotional impact of harassment and discrimination in the workplace can be devastating, both in the short term and the long term. A harassment and discrimination lawyer from our law firm can fight tirelessly to make sure you receive justice for any damages that have suffered. We can hold your employer accountable to make sure they not only pay the price to you but to deter them from making the same mistake again.

Will a Harassment and Discrimination Lawyer Defend Me From Pushback From My Employer?

Harassment and discrimination claims are rarely taken lightly by either side of the claim. It is possible that you will receive considerable pushback from your employer to clear their name of any wrongdoing. Our lawyers will do whatever it takes to hold your employer accountable for their actions and to make sure we fight for your rights if pushback is given by your employer.

What Evidence Can a Harassment and Discrimination Lawyer Use to Get Me the Results I Deserve?

Evidence such as emails, written correspondence, video, text messages, voice messages, or audio files can be highly impactful when it comes to building your harassment and discrimination can. Eyewitness accounts from co-workers or other employees that work in your building can be crucial when it comes to proving the merits of your case. Our lawyers can use this evidence to leverage a fair settlement on your behalf.

Can Legal Help Make a Major Difference in the Outcome of My Case?

Harassment and discrimination cases can be incredibly contentious and it can be emotionally taxing depending on the circumstances of your case. Our law firm will treat you with the respect you deserve as we navigate through your case together. We want to make sure you get the justice you deserve for the damages you have suffered. Contact our law firm today by calling 504-456-3610 to see what we can do to serve you.