Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Helping Motorcyclists Throughout Louisiana

Take to the roads with the confidence that you have the best team of motorcycle accident lawyers on your side to represent your issues when you need them most.


Death or injury from a motorcycle accident is a significant source of pain to the victim and their families. The truth is that often law-enforcement, insurance companies and even prosecuting attorneys treat the motorcycle riders poorly.

That is why it’s critical that when you need legal help, you call a motorcycle accident attorney that rides and understands the prejudice against riders. Glenn McGovern is the best option for riders thoroughout Louisiana including Metairie & New Orleans when they have suffered a motorcycle accident.

All of the lawyers in the Law Office of Glenn McGovern are licensed motorcyclists.


    What Skills Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Need to Have?

    Motorcycle cases are unique. A lawyer that handles automobile accidents is not necessarily adept at handling motorcycle accidents.

    Motorcycle cases are especially challenging for many reasons that he understands through his research efforts, as well as personal experience. Glenn McGovern has even handled motorcycle patent infringement cases. He handles motorcycle accident cases all over the state of Louisiana. Call today at 504-456-3610 or 800-721-3992.

    Why Should I Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney for my Case?

    Here are the top reasons to choose The Law Office Of Glenn McGovern to represent your motorcycle accident case:

    1. Glenn rides in motorcycle competitions and knows motorcycles better than most attorneys ever could hope.
    2. Not only does Glenn ride, but he too has been injured in a motorcycle crash. Who better can understand your pain and suffering and dealing with the insurance system than someone who has been through the process firsthand?
    3. Glenn has litigated many motorcycle injury trials and knows how to overcome jury bias against motorcyclists.
    4. Glenn developed a unique system of focus groups so that he knows in advance how likely you are to succeed in your case.
    5. Glenn understands the physics and mechanics of motorcycles, and how it differs from other vehicles. Glenn is able to use this knowledge in the courtroom to win cases for his clients.
    6. Because Glenn is so involved with motorcyclists he is especially tuned in to the problem of uninsured and underinsured accidents. His special knowledge of how to get more benefits for you in these situations is much more extensive than other lawyers handling personal injury cases.
    7. Glenn understands how bikes work and can find ways where defective motorcycles are the source of an accident. Glenn has experience litigating and winning cases where defective parts in motorcycles were responsible for the accident.
    8. Glenn has such a passion for injured motorcyclists that he is active in motorcycle rights organizations like ABATE and takes a personal interest in helping his clients recover in all aspects of motorcycles – financial, physical, and mental challenges. He is head of Advocacy and Legislation for ABATE of LA. representing all the motorcycle clubs in the State before the Legislature. His passion has driven him to do this pro-bono.
    9. If you are too injured to come to Glenn’s office, he will go to see you. No matter where in Louisiana you live, he will come to your place to review your case.
    10. Glenn has handled many difficult motorcycle cases when no one thought he had a chance of winning and in the end, got justice for his client. He is known for his creativity. He will battle for you to get the result you need for your health and for your family.

    Are All Motorcycle Accident Attorneys the Same?

    Glenn knows motorcycles. He has raced. He still races. Glenn McGovern has raced in AMA national competitions and NMA national competitions.

    He has also held a FIM Competition license and was the first American to enter the FIM World Veterans Motocross 50 plus class in Europe in 2007.