Record Judgment Won By Glenn C. McGovern:

Hospital Held Jointly Liable For The Actions Of Its Drug-Impaired Patient

The case of Carl Perry v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company And Its Insured et al  is unfortunately not the first of its kind.

But the judgment won by Glenn C. McGovern, motorcycle accident attorney, may well be.

The Facts

Glenn’s client, a motorcyclist, was driving near Ochsner Westbank Hospital, when a drug-impaired driver crashed into the motorcyclist causing leg amputation, brain damage, elbow damage, and other injuries.

Suit was filed against the driver.

The driver’s insured refused to produce her medical records.

Glenn filed a motion to compel production, which the court granted.

The driver’s medical documents revealed the driver was treated:

  • 32 times before;
  • by the same hospital;
  • with the same synthetic narcotic drugs; and
  • allowed to drive home each time with no discharge instructions not to do so.

It was 30 minutes after receiving such treatment from the hospital, that the driver crashed into Glenn’s client.

The Record Judgment

The judge denied the hospital’s motion to dismiss.

The hospital was held jointly liable with the drug-impaired driver for sending a drug-impaired patient to drive herself home, resulting in a crash with a motorcyclist 30 minutes later.

The Reason You Need A Seasoned Motorcycle Attorney

If you’re a motorcyclist that needs legal help, it’s important to contact an attorney who understands you and specializes in representing riders.

That’s because there’s a widely held perception that motorcyclists are reckless and they deserve what happens to them. This prejudice can seriously and detrimentally affect both your representation and your case before a judge and/or jury.

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