Does Returning To Work After An Accident Affect Your Settlement?

Sometimes, the expenses associated with car accidents aren’t so obvious. Most people expect they will have to pay for medical care after the accident, or will have to pay the costs of getting a new car or repairing theirs. But when you take time off of work to nurse your injuries, you do miss out on money in your paycheck. This sort of “actual damage,” referred to as “lost wages” will be factored into your car accident settlement, but it leaves the victim with the following questions: how long should you take off of work after a car accident, and how will your settlement be affected by this period away?

Most importantly, remember that returning to work too early could do harm to your body. It’s crucial that you nurse your injuries to the fullest extent in order to mitigate the risk of your injuries becoming worse. Your health is always the number one priority in every legal case. Before you make any decisions about when you might return to work, discuss your case with your Louisiana car accident lawyer.

How Much Time Can I Take Off Of Work After A Car Accident?

The amount of time you should take off of work will depend upon whether or not your injuries are serious. Louisiana car accident victims who have been hospitalized or needed surgery will need as much time off of work as medical professionals recommend. As always, alert your employer right away and let them know that you’ll need time off of work. Generally speaking, most accident victims will need around a month away from work – even with minor injuries. Injuries that were life-threatening or otherwise more severe than average will likely need longer time.

Your employer’s workplace policy will be a factor in determining how long you should stay away from work as well. Discuss your situation with our boss to learn what options exist for employees in your unique situation. Be sure to find out all there is to know about taking time off for injuries, and if you’re unsure of your options, it’s wise to get a lawyer involved.

Your emotional state following the accident will become yet another factor in determining how long you should be off of work. Sometimes, physical injuries are compounded by the anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress that occur after a traumatic accident. If you feel that you can’t continue to work for an extended period of time because of pain and suffering following your car accident, this needs to be directly discussed with the management at your job. Not all companies are obligated by law to offer paid leave time to those with pain and suffering, but sometimes you can still receive lost wages as a part of the settlement for your car accident claim. Again, it’s always best to navigate this situation with an attorney present to guide you toward the best possible outcome.

If I’m Eligible To Take Time Off Of Work, How Much Time Should I Take?

Since every car accident is different, there’s no magic number that refers to how much time an injured victim should take off of work. The best rule of thumb is to listen to your body and listen to your doctors, and to never take off more time than you can afford.

Take as much time off of work as a doctor recommends. If you rush to get back to work, there’s an increased risk of aggravating your injuries and you could experience continued pain or even new medical issues as a result of the stress on your body. If you have not been given any specific time frame for when you should return to work, follow up with your doctor to be sure.

Is It Necessary To Hire A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

It’s always wise to consult with an attorney after a car accident. Sometimes, insurance companies do not pay out the amount of compensation you deserve. Our law firm can hold those insurance companies accountable to make sure you are treated fairly and with respect. You need to be defended at all times from big companies who are committed to paying the least amount possible to injured victims.

Negotiating a fair settlement for a car accident can be hard. Those who have suffered serious injuries after a car accident who do not have the help of a lawyer often get stuck accepting far less than they deserve – especially if they went back to work earlier than they should, which may make it look as though their injuries weren’t serious.

Never gamble with the outcome of a personal injury case. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with The Law Office of Glenn C. McGovern today to discover how returning to work after an accident may affect the amount in your settlement.