The personal injury attorney and his team are working hard to turn the tide of prejudice against motorcyclists, reports


(Metairie, LA)–The Law Office of Glen McGovern is pleased to announce their sponsorship of a recent Louisiana bill focused on protecting motorcyclists from the negative effects of legal bias. Understanding the disadvantage motorcyclists face when they are involved in car crashes, their team is on a mission to turn the tide of prejudice against motorcyclists in these situations.

“It seems that every week my legal team and I run across an incident where something so wrong is done to a motorcyclist that it truly shocks us. There have been cases where law enforcement officers screen motorcyclists for drugs and alcohol but not the car driver who fatally hit the. When they do test, many of these tests don’t provide results for common synthetic substances like oxycodone and many anti-depressants, despite the fact that surveys estimate that 20% of drivers in fatal crashes were impaired by drugs at the time. Many times, there is no field sobriety test, and simple actions like getting a download of the car driver’s cell phone are never carried out,” said motorcycle accident attorney Glenn McGovern.

In order to help get this sponsored Right of Way legislation passed, The Law Office Of Glenn McGovern is currently working to build a list of citizens who are willing to help contact legislators in order to advocate for motorcyclists. Anyone who is interested in doing so should email Glenn McGovern at or call the law office for further information.

McGovern continued, “It often seems that car drivers can do everything wrong and still walk away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist, while motorcycle drivers suffer the consequences of the biases that exist against them. While we do get upset when we see these unjust things happening, the good news is that it motivates us to do something to make it right so it doesn’t happen to other motorcyclists. This is what sponsoring the Motorcyclist Right-Of-Way Bill is all about.”

In addition to sponsoring legislation, The Law Office of Glenn McGovern is encouraging members of the community to consider joining a local chapter of A.B.A.T.E., whose sole dual mission is to educate motorists and lobby for motorcyclists’ rights. Attorney McGovern is also working to educate police and district attorneys on motorcycles and how they operate, helping them to understand basic physics and the dangers of drug testing gaps. Finally, they are working on a project to erect memorial crosses in honor of motorcycle riders at every fatal crash site.

McGovern went on to say, “We always try to give police the benefit of the doubt, as we know that not all of them are biased against motorcyclists. However, the truth remains that some are, and we must do everything possible to let them know that this conduct will not be condoned so that it is no longer repeated. This why I work hard every day to turn the tides of the blatant prejudice by law enforcement officers and defense attorneys who deal with motorcycle crashes. If we are going to ensure motorcyclists stay safe on the road, it is a must.”

About Law Office of Glenn McGovern:

Founding attorney Glenn McGovern grew up in the Ninth Ward in New Orleans East, graduated from the University of New Orleans and earned his law degree in 1977 from Loyola University School of Law. Since that time, he has focused on helping the victims of civil rights violations, motorcycle, auto and truck accidents, toxic torts and product defects. And his practice has thrived. A Louisiana Super Lawyer(R) with an AV-rating under Martindale Hubbell’s peer rating system and membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, he continues to fight hard for his clients.

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Glenn McGovern
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Telephone: (504) 456-3610

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