Motorcyclists are always working to make the community a better place. Here is a few examples of motorcyclists doing good things for the community.


The Greater New Orleans Charitable Foundation, a non-profit was formed to continue the oldest known Motorcycle Toy Run in Louisiana. This year’s 37st year of the event was spectacular as usual. It is a great example of motorcyclists pulling together to help the community.

David Key was Santa again this year and rode into the Magnolia School, escorted by a group of Jefferson Parish Deputies on motorcycles and the Sheriff of Jefferson Parish, Sheriff Joe Lopinto, with his entire family! Sheriff Lopinto and Captain Ernst of JPSO Reserve Motorcycle officers fully participated in the event as they do annually. The residents each got special gifts customized by Terry Key for each resident. Refreshments and food were provided by the various sponsors. The Magnolia kitchen chili and C.M.A. hot chocolate and coffee was fantastic as usual.

Special thanks to David and Terri Key for all they do to help organize and raise the money for the gifts for each resident of the Magnolia School for special needs adults and help fund this event. Also special thanks to G.N.O. A.B.A.T.E. members who work year round to put on this event. Other clubs such as the C.M.A,, Blue Knights, Green Knights, Red Knights and many other motorcycle groups and individuals all contribute to help make this a great event.


The 365 members of the Protecting Louisiana Motorcyclists Group is on Facebook is made of members of the community who want to actively help prevent more automobile/motorcycle deaths due to motorists who fail to yield the right-of way to motorcyclists.

Last year Louisiana had over 69 deaths of motorcyclists due to motorists who failed to yield. Distracted motorists is a growing problem. It is getting worst each year. This Protecting Louisiana Motorcyclist Group shows great promise it coming up with efforts to make our motorcycle and scooter community safer.

One of the activities of the Protecting Louisiana Motorcyclists Group is each member pledges to send an letter to a District Attorney or Legislator when asked to help promote motorcycle safety and act as a deterrent to bad motorists behavior that kills or maims motorcyclists every day. The Protecting Louisiana Motorcyclists Group has had success it insuring that reckless motorists that kill motorcyclists are fully brought to justice thru the criminal justice system. When a fatality occur where a motorists reckless conduct causes a death or serious injury, the Protecting Louisiana Motorcyclists Group members sends letters to District Attorneys asking for full investigation and prosecution instead of just misdemeanor citations with a small fine penalty—which is not a deterrent to bad motorist behavior. The Group is already having an effect with its successes. It is hard for an elected official to ignore 360 letters on any issue. It has a positive impact on them and the community.

Want to help? Go to the Protecting Louisiana Motorcyclists Group page on Facebook and answer the questions. If you are committed to help—(and not just hit an emoji)—then you may be allowed to join. Are you qualified to join?—All you need to promise is to send a letter to your designated public official when asked. The Protecting Louisiana Motorcyclists Group works with other motorcyclist groups to promote justice for Louisiana motorcyclists. It is another great example of motorcyclists giving back to the community. The members have either been severely injured or have lost loved ones due to motorcyclists that fail to yield.


Imagine if a large bright color cross with a symbolic red motorcycle without its rider could be posed at each fatal crash site in Louisiana. Imagine if each fatal crash site also had a yellow “Look for Motorcyclists” sign. Imagine if each site was photographed and posted on the Protecting Louisiana Motorcyclists Group website and used when lobbying legislators and District Attorneys. What impact would that have? The Protecting Louisiana Motorcyclists Group has been working on this project and a fatal motorcyclist cross design is being finalized. Production of the signs should be by early January. This will be a huge project that will have a positive effect on the community.

It is the brainchild of the author Glenn McGovern, motorcycle instructor and attorney, but the exact final design is a result of the work of dedicated volunteer members of the Protecting Louisiana Motorcyclists Group . The Protecting Louisiana Motorcyclists Group members have given and shared much though and each member has given valuable input into this project. This participation has resulted in a project that will have a large impact to help prevent future fatalities and raise motorists awareness of these fatalities. Designing a cost-effective and visible symbol is complex. But the rewards will be great. Won’t you help us?




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