Many people all over the country have been in situations where their civil rights might have been violated. Protecting your civil rights is important not only for your freedom but to ensure other people’s rights aren’t violated in the future. Holding those responsible for violating your civil rights accountable can not only benefit you but can deter them from doing so again. Whether you were illegally searched, arrested by mistake, wrongfully convicted of a crime, or have been a victim of police brutality, you deserve to get justice for the civil rights violations you have experienced. Contact our law firm today so we can take you through all your options, inform you about what steps you can take, and gain a valuable ally that can ensure your civil rights are upheld and protected.

What If I Didn’t Consent to a Search?

It is possible that you have been stopped or pulled over under suspicion of a crime. Sometimes, law enforcement oversteps their boundaries and makes mistakes, and in doing so, can end up violating your rights. A common right that is violated is an illegal search. When you didn’t consent to a search and an officer didn’t have probable cause to search you, your rights may have been violated. Talking with one of our civil rights attorneys can help you understand your situation better and give you an idea of what your next steps are.

What If I Was Mistreated By Police?

Sometimes, law enforcement takes certain liberties with people they are probing, arresting, or have in custody. Police brutality stems from law enforcement abusing their powers and causing unnecessary harm to others. If you have been mistreated and brutalized by police, your rights may have been violated. Seek the help of an experienced civil rights lawyer from our law firm to give you the representation you need to get the justice you deserve for your case.

Can a Civil Rights Lawyer Get Me The Outcome I Deserve For My Case?

Having your civil rights violated can feel incredibly disheartening and can lead to serious consequences if left uncontested. You need the right legal help necessary to defend your rights and ensure your liberty going forward. We understand how troubling your situation might be and we can do whatever it takes to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your case. Contact our law office as soon as possible to defend your rights and get you the justice you deserve. Call us at 504-456-3610 to learn more about the compassionate service we can provide you.