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I can’t imagine without my life without motorcycles! This past week was typical of how much motorcycles play a part in my life. On a recent Thursday morning I prepared for the deposition of an medical expert in a motorcycle crash case. The motorcyclist’s uninsured motorists insurer refused to pay for his medical expenses and compensate the insured rider for his serious injuries. On Friday I attended the video deposition of the medial expert for my motorcyclists. Friday night I worked on my sport bike. Saturday night I attended the Transportation Revolution New Orleans Open House on Julia Street In the CBD in New Orleans. On Sunday I packed up my Roadtrek van and motorcycle trailer with my two KTM motocross bikes and an vintage bike for a new rider and proceeded to Full Throttle Motocross Track in Loranger, Louisiana to practice motocross. I saw several fathers with their daughters and sons, teaching them the art and science of dirt motorcycle riding.

Then it struck me why both these two facilities are so important. Each in their own way are working to making sure there are new motorcyclists in the future. Without new motorcyclists our industry will not survive. The future is indeed dire for motorcyclists. Cycle World predicted there will be no motorcyclists in the U.S. by 2030. Viet Nam announced it is totally banning motorcycles in 2030. Norway has banned the manufacturer of combustion engine vehicles and announced it would stop sponsoring motorcycle training for new riders.

The Transportation Revolution New Orleans (TTRNO) annual open house was held at the annual White Linen Night event in the Central Business District in New Orleans. The Transportation Revolution New Orleans showroom at 901 Julia Street, New Orleans is one of the most beautiful motorcycle showrooms in the State of Louisiana. The showroom is surrounded by glass walls so pedestrians in the CBD that pass near the TRNO showroom can see the many shiny motorcycles inside. This TTRNO open house event was a good example of what is needed to get new motorcyclists interested in getting into our sport.

TTRNO is located in the CBD of New Orleans at 901 Julia Street.. There are lots of professionals in the N.O CBD who work nearby in the area with plenty of disposable income. The dealership has many weekly educational events like technical talks as well as a meeting place for afternoon motorcycle group rides. TTRNO sells entry level Vespa scooters, the full line of Triumph motorcycles, exotic Ducati’s and the recently acquired BMW line of motorcycles. Thus, TTRNO sells motorcycles in all price ranges. It also sells a complete line of riding clothing, helmets, and boots in all price ranges. TTRNO also has a full-service facility of skilled certified mechanics. It also has a large inventory of excellent used scooters and motorcycle. In short, there is something for everyone from entry level to experienced motorcyclists.

The TTRNO event had a fabulous display of rare motorcycles that night. Yuengling beer and vodka drinks were offered to visitors. The showroom has huge large video screens depicting the various makes of new motorcycles offered. It is a great example of a dealer reaching out to new riders and experienced riders of all economic levels. More dealers need to follow this TTRNO model. The TTRNO event is held in conjunction with the annual White Linen Night event. Local art museums are open to the public. Street vendors are set up to sell food and drinks. Live music is offered. Everyone dresses in white linen clothing.

I always enjoy teaching new riders and sharing the excitement of motorcycling. I went to Full Throttle Motoross Track facility in Loranger, Louisiana. The track is just over an hour from my home in Metairie and is open on Saturdays and Sundays. Soon the operator Coco, will have outdoor lights up for practicing motocross on Thursday nights. I was happy to see Coco the manager of Full Throttle MX who staggered the practice sessions for small and large motorcycles. There were sessions for small motorcycles under 85 cc and sessions for large motorcycles over 125 cc. Fathers are seen teaching their children the basics of clutch and throttle control in the large, flat open grass area in the front. Other fathers and mothers are watching their children practice on the track. The jumps are well suited to beginners. Coco does a great job of keeping dust levels down and working the loamy red soil just right for motocross bikes. I practiced until 3 pm when the track closed. I enjoyed seeing the many young new riders at Full Throttle MX. Dirt riding is a great and safe introduction to motorcycling. It makes the transition to street riding and more complex motorcycles easier. Both TTRNO and Full Throttle MX are working hard to make sure there are more motorcyclists in the future. The next day was Sunday. I packed up the trailer with my beloved KTM motocross bikes and a vintage 1976 YZ125 motorcycle to help introduce a new rider to dirt riding motorcycles.