Glenn McGovern attended three weekends of training at the Louisiana State Police Training Facility in Zachary, Louisiana in January for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Glenn is the only motorcycle trial attorney to have completed the Motorcycle Safety Instructor course in Louisiana. The training was sponsored by the Louisiana Department of Public Safety under the Louisiana State Police who certifies motorcycle instructors in Louisiana. The certification is a nationally accredited certified certificate of motorcycle instructor.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic Motorcycle Safety (MSF) Course for Instructors has been revised to deal with the latest research on motorcycle crashes. The top three reasons motorcyclists crash today are 1.) Motorcyclists fail to brake properly and in time to avoid hitting vehicles, 2.) Motorcyclists fail to understand perceptions and reaction time to stop to avoid hitting other vehicles following too closely and failing to stop, and 3.) Motorcyclists fail to properly execute turns, especially right turns, and crashing in single motorcycle crashes in turns.

The new MSF Basic Motorcycle course now has several changes. More emphasis is on braking, high-speed turns and emergency swerving and emergency stopping at higher speeds, 28 m.p.h., than previous MSF Basic Motorcycle Courses.

The testing in more intense. Glenn had to teach a class with other new instructor students. Not every new student passed but the majority did. Those who did not pass all stated they learned how complex riding a motorcycle in the street is, and plan to retake the course to increase their skills.

Glenn believes the strenuous testing and training in such MSF courses makes him a better motorcycle trial attorney. Glenn also is distressed by the lack of knowledge of many motorcyclists, who have riding experience, but do not know the latest safe techniques to avoid being involved in a crash. With distracted driving crashes at an all-time high, the fatality rate for motorcyclists in Louisiana in 2016 was at a record level of over 3 fatalities a week, with many more serious crashes. Glenn plans to conduct training in the N.O. area at N.O.L.A. Motorsports by offering courses for motorcycle clubs he is a member of. Glenn says he is tired of losing too many motorcyclists friends. Mandatory training is not politically acceptable, so this is the best solution Glen can think of to make a difference and save lives.