Charlie Thomas, a bicyclists advocate, and Glenn McGovern, motorcyclist advocate,  argued before the La. State Bar Association that motorcyclist and bicyclists should be given more protection from motorists who are careless and/or distracted and kill or maim non-car road users like children, bicyclists, pedestrians, farmers, handicapped in motorized wheel chairs and motorcyclists.

The All Road Users Road Act bill SB 171 was rigorously opposed by the District Attorneys on the La. Bar Committee who stated the District Attorneys Association of La. will oppose this SB 171 bill!! Thanks to Charlie Thomas and his bicycle group for their support.

We won by blocking the Commission from opposing our motion and voting 12-9 to not oppose the bill.

Charlie Thomas, a bicyclists, will testify Tues. April 12, 2016 at 9:30 am in Senate Judiciary C at the hearing. I also have a polio handicapped person, Linda Stewart, an ex-Navy comptroller, that was hit by a distracted driver in the motorized wheelchair,

Ms. Lebouef, an ABATE member widow, will tell of her motorcyclist husband Eddie being killed by an drug impaired motorists who was given a $100.00 ticket for failure to yield. We have a child bicyclists who will speak up.

It will be a hard fight but with your help we will win.