A witness is considered any person with first-hand knowledge of an event that testifies to that knowledge during a trial or other legal proceeding. If you got into a car accident and a friend, relative, or co-worker were nearby or in the car, you might be wondering if they’re allowed to be a witness in your case. In Louisiana, a friend, relative, co-worker or other acquaintance is a perfectly acceptable witness in your car accident case.

Who the witness is doesn’t matter much. What’s more important is that your friend or relative saw the accident, can provide accurate details about how it happened, and can help demonstrate the negligence of the at-fault party.

If your friend or relative was either a witness as a passenger or from outside the vehicle, they are perfectly capable of providing their eyewitness testimony in court and helping build the strength of your car accident case.

Is A Friend Or Relative Considered Biased As A Witness In A Car Accident Case?

You may have assumed that a judge wouldn’t permit a close friend to be a witness, as they might be biased, but there is no such law that forbids this. Many drivers who’ve experienced car accidents are surprised to learn this fact, and have falsely assumed that knowing someone personally would disqualify them from being a witness.

At the end of the day, in the eyes of the law, a witness’ relationship to a car accident victim is not important. What’s more important is that a friend or relative who saw the accident can provide accurate details about how it happened, can help demonstrate the negligence of the at-fault party, and prove why you are entitled to a settlement for your damages. While it’s true that a friend, relative or co-worker may be biased toward you, a witness’ testimony can still be a helpful tool for deciding the outcome of a car accident case.

What Evidence Can Strengthen A Car Accident Case?

After seeking medical care, collecting evidence is one of the most important things you can do at the scene of your car accident. Eyewitness testimony, whether from a passenger or bystander, is one of the most effective pieces of evidence used in any car accident case. As mentioned before, eyewitness testimony, even from a friend, relative or coworker, will strengthen your side of the story.

At the scene of the car accident, try your best to take photos of what happened. Take pictures of speed limit signs, hazards in the road, and the condition of your vehicle after the crash. Take photos of your injuries if possible. If the accident happened at night, be sure to use the flash. The more evidence you have that can prove your side of the story and demonstrate the negligence, recklessness, or carelessness of the other vehicle, the stronger your case will be.

Additionally, don’t forget to get the contact information of the other party, such as their name, address, phone number or email. Be sure to get their insurance information as well, as this will be important when filing your claim. Always call the authorities and have a formal police report filed as well, as this will provide for strong evidence later down the road.

Can I Add A Witness Testimony To A Police Report?

Once a police report has been filed at the scene of your car accident, you can request to have it changed to incorporate eyewitness testimony, but the process is difficult. While it is possible for new information to be added to the report, the court may feel that it carries less importance than if the testimony had been given at the scene immediately following the accident.

Not every case will require a witness testimony to be added to the police report, but in some cases it can strengthen your case. Consult with a Louisiana car accident attorney if you have questions about witness testimonies, the police accident report, or otherwise have questions or concerns about the strength of the evidence in your car accident case. A Louisiana car accident attorney can also put together a strong personal injury case on your behalf.

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