In personal injury cases, victims who have suffered life-alternating injuries not only pay thousands of dollars in medical bills, but also miss out on money in their paycheck while they stay home to nurse their injuries. For this reason, personal injury lawyers help accident victims recover compensation that helps them offset this financial difficulty. By filing a personal injury claim in Louisiana, you can receive compensation for your medical care, loss of future earnings, and other damages.

Since every accident is different, every personal injury settlement is different as well. The extent of the injuries you sustained, the damages you suffered, and other factors will determine how much money is paid out to you in your personal injury settlement. Therefore, if you sustain serious injuries and need expensive medical treatment such as surgery, you will be awarded a bigger settlement than if you had only minor injuries.

Victims who get surgery often require much more medical care and attention than those who do not. Surgery requires both pre- and post-operative care, and some people who undergo surgery need extensive rehabilitation time to recover, leading to more days spent away from work. For this reason, accident victims who get surgery may get a bigger settlement than others. In a personal injury settlement, financial compensation is intended to cover the cost of your damages. Since surgery is much more involved and expensive than routine medical care, you’ll likely get more money in your settlement to cover these costly damages.

What Other Factors Determine The Amount Of Compensation In A Personal Injury Settlement?

While it’s true that those who receive surgery may get a bigger settlement, there are still other factors that contribute to the overall amount in your settlement. Those who do not require surgery after an accident may still be awarded a large settlement if, for example, they suffered extensive damage to their property or underwent severe pain and suffering.

Factors that determine the amount of your settlement:

The extent of your injuries: Those with serious injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury, may be compensated more to account for the amount of medical care these injuries require.

Your emotional distress and suffering: Your physical and emotional distress resulting from the injury is considered in your settlement also. Those who suffer traumatic accidents and undergo depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress will likely receive a higher settlement as well.

How much time you need away from work: If your injuries or surgery recovery time period requires that you spend extensive time away from work, you may receive a larger settlement to account for these losses.

Should I Get A Lawyer If I Needed Surgery After An Accident?

If you’re an accident victim in Louisiana who needed surgery after any kind of accident, call a lawyer as soon as possible. Although filing for a claim doesn’t require a lawyer, your claim may be ineffective without the help of a seasoned lawyer that can help you through every aspect of your claim. It’s incredibly important that you receive the maximum compensation allowable to help you fully recover from your surgery, both medically and financially, so working with a lawyer is the safest bet.

Personal injury claims rely on the proof that negligence on behalf of another party caused your accident and proof of the damages you have suffered. Without a lawyer, most people don’t know where to begin collecting evidence, medical records, and other crucial documentation that proves the at-fault party’s negligence. A lawyer will help you build a strong case for defense that involves ample evidence to substantiate all of your claims. The most effective way to get compensation for your surgery after an accident is to consult with a lawyer.

How Much Does It Cost To Talk To A Louisiana Accident Lawyer?

Not all Louisiana accident lawyers offer a free consultation to injured victims. At The Law Office of Glen C. McGovern, we understand how hard it can be to physically and financially recover from an accident, especially if you need surgery. That’s why we offer a free, no-obligation accident case consultation to anyone in need of legal advice.

Recovering from surgery is difficult enough. It shouldn’t cause you financial hardship as well. With the help of our team of dedicated accident lawyers, we’ll fight for your right to a settlement that eases the burden of the accident. Our lawyers understand what facets of your case will impact the amount of your settlement, and we’ll stop at nothing to ensure you are accurately represented should you have to defend yourself in court before a judge.